We are a Training Practice

We Are a Training Practice

Why become a training practice?  

We attained training practice status in 2010.

We wanted to do this as we are keen to foster a learning and enquiring environment and we acknowledge that there are always new ideas and better ways of doing things. Becoming a training practice means that the practice’s record keeping, overall patient care and communication need to be of a high standard. This ensures that the environment is suitable for doctors in training.

What benefit is it to the patient?

Recently trained doctors will bring up-to-date ideas and treatments from their recent hospital experience, which in turn will help keep the practice up-to-date. The patient will sometimes benefit from a longer consultation time, and our overall patient care and standards will be scrutinised and must remain high to maintain our Training practice status – all of this is to the benefit our patients and their care.

What does a GP Registrar do?

A GP Registrar is a fully qualified medical practitioner who has decided to make general practice their speciality.  This means that they undergo a further 3 years of qualifying in order to become a competent, effective and confident general practitioner.

The time spent as a GP registrar is a very important part of the GP training. During their time in general practice, GP registrars must learn about the management of acute and long-term problems, preventive work and practice management. They must develop their own consulting and decision-making skills, learn to direct their own learning and acquire the ability to look critically at their own performance.

It is the trainer’s responsibility to enable the registrar to learn both within the practice and through attendance at local half-day release courses, visits to different types of practices and other local facilities.

How does this affect my experience at this Practice?

Our GP Registrars are with us for either 4 months or 1 year, depending on where they are in their training programme.

If you have an appointment booked with our GP Registrar you will be made aware of their training status and can be assured that they are fully competent to take care of your health issues.

The GP Registrar will be closely supervised by all the GPs, with Dr Sandy Khosla as our lead trainer.

At the practice we also have other trainees which include trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioners and Nursing students.

Who are our current registrars

Dr Lucy Kirk

Dr Julia Mason