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Please read this information carefully before submitting an eConsult

Please Note

The e-consult service will temporarily close if we reach capacity on that day. This is so that we can safely assess the number of patient queries we receive. The service will resume the following morning or next working day. 

If you have a medical query please telephone the surgery directly, or contact NHS 111 for advice. 



How to use eConsult 

eConsult allows you to get medical advice from one of our clinicians (doctors & nurses) about general health concerns without needing to book an appointment. 

Fill out and eConsult to receive a response usually within 3 working days (Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays). You can use eConsult to ask about general symptoms such as pain, tiredness or dizziness. You can also upload photos for the clinician to review if you are enquiring about something visible. 

Please take the time to be as detailed as possible so you get the right support. After reviewing your enquiry, a clinician will respond to you via email or text.

If you feel your condition cannot be addressed without a face to face or telephone appointment, please call the surgery to arrange an appointment.

If you are completing an eConsult on for someone else, you will need to complete the form under their name so we are able to locate their patient file.

eConsult is not a way to book an appointment, please call or visit the surgery if you would rather speak to a clinician directly

eConsult is available between the hours of 08:00-20:00 Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays) until capacity is reached for that day. 

*The Practice holds the right to alter response times or close the service depending on demands facing General Practice.

Making the most of your eConsult

Please read the following guidance before submitting your eConsult to make the most of your submission.

  • Incorrect or incomplete eConsults may result in further delays to your query, as we may need to request further information from you and/or request a resubmission with the relevant information.
  • Select the most appropriate section for your query for example; rash/spots (only if you are able to supply a clear photo), or urinary tract infections in adults. Please don't submit an eConsult via the general advice template.
  • Browse the self-care and self-help section for common minor conditions that may not require review by a clinician.
  • Be as detailed as possible with your query or request, but please be clear and concise – the more relevant information we have, the easier it is to decide how best to get you the help or response you need
  • Please avoid using a single eConsult for multiple problems
  • Please always contact the surgery when you change your mobile or landline number, to enable our response to reach you successfully
  • Please don't submit an eConsult via the general advice for an unwell child
  • Please call the surgery to book an appointment for all contraceptive enquiries other than requesting a routine repeat contraceptive pill. Unfortunately, we are unable to remove these options from the eConsult website
  • For ongoing problems, please specify the clinician or team member that has been caring for you. We will always try and forward your query to that clinician. If that clinician or team member is not available your query will be allocated to the next available and appropriate team member
  • If eConsult directs you to ring 111 or 999 or attend A&E, you must do so. Do not try and resubmit your eConsult by providing different answers to the questions
  • Please don’t worry if you are unable to complete an online eConsult – please telephone or attend the surgery and our reception or call centre teams will be pleased to assist you
  • For further information and FAQs please visit eConsult’s FAQ page.

    By completing and submitting this e-consultation you are giving consent for us to communicate with you via SMS (Text Message) for this issue only. Therefore, if you do not wish to provide consent, do not submit an eConsult, and should instead call us at 01332 271212 or speak to reception.

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