Care Coordination

Public Living Room with Camerados

Camerados always say that a camerado is someone who's halfway between a stranger and a friend – someone who does not know you well and will not try to solve your problems, but someone who will listen and has your back.

Camerados is a living space with no agenda, no work, this area enables anyone to sit and have a cuppa, a chat, a laugh, a smile, read a book, play games or can be used as some quite time if you have had a stressful day, time, or situation.

Camerados until present did not have one of its public living room spaces within a care or nursing home setting. Lister House Care Co-ordinator Shirl volunteered to set one of these public living room spaces up in one of our aligned care homes.

In the Camerado tool box you receive lots of resources including banners, cups, coasters and a light box to add quotes to. There are also magazines which explain the life of a Camerado which contains some great motivational quotes including "to have fun, smile, laugh and be silly is to be human."

Clova House care home accepted the challenge and they currently using this space for patients to see their families with a cuppa bringing lots of smiles and laughs. Patients that become agitated or distressed use this area as its calming theme and lights helps to soothe the patients. This area is also used for carers when they have had a stressful shift and need a break. Shirl also uses this area when I visit for some 1 to 1 time with my patients.

Clova House have said this area is a huge benefit to all patients, staff and family. Shirl is now aiming to create these living spaces in all of our aligned care and nursing homes.